Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of cars compete?
This event is open to anyone 18 years of age or over and just about any type of 4 wheeled vehicles. We have had everything from vintage to 18 wheeler tractors to dwarf cars, to just about every production marque ever made.
Are motorcycles allowed?
No two or three wheeled vehicles of any kind are allowed.
Do you need racing experience?
No. many of the participants have no other competitive driving experience.
How much does it cost?
View our Entry Fees.
What about spectators?
There are no spectator areas to watch these events. You may, however, get a front row seat by volunteering to be a course worker. Course workers are required to secure gates along Highway 318. This is the only way to watch the event. Course workers are also invited to participate in all event activities, including the Press Luncheon in Las Vegas, the Caravan from Las Vegas to Ely, the Parade of Cars, The Welcome Reception, Awards Banquet, and any other events. However, there is a minimal cover charge for the Awards Banquet. Click Here to Volunteer
Where can you see all of the cars together?
Many of the cars are gathered on Thursday in the parking lot of the host hotel in Las Vegas. On Saturday, all cars are assembled in Ely at Broadbent Park for inspection and the mandatory Car Show.
Are there any special requirements for first time participants?
First time participants are required to attend a high performance driving school and practice session. This includes on-track instruction in your vehicle, and an opportunity to drive your car at high speed before the event. This is intended to make the event safer for all involved.
What speed do you recommend for first time entrants?
Some rules apply here, but the important thing is to pick a speed that you and your car are comfortable with. At the next event, you will have no problem deciding what adrenaline level is appropriate. The rules say first timers must enter the Touring Division which is a target speed between 95 mph and 110 mph. Touring Division allows you a tech speed of 124 mph, and that's very fast for the first time on an unfamiliar road. Of course, for brave souls with lots of prior racing experience and racing licenses, waivers to higher speed brackets may be granted. Relevant experience would be attendance at a commercial school (Barber, Bondurant, Russell, etc), club driving schools (SCCA, etc), and racing experience or competition licenses. A waiver can be requested by writing to the Event Director, with appropriate supporting documentation at least 30 days prior to the event. The decision of the Event Director is final.
Can I get a video of the course?
A pre-event video of the course is provided to all entrants as part of the confirmation package.
Do I need to make room reservations in Ely and Las Vegas Early?
Yes, other events coincide with ours and rooms can get scarce.
I heard inspection is very strict. What can I do to ensure that I pass?
Study the rule book and when in doubt call the appropriate representative.
What other requirement is there for tires, other than speed rating?
They must also meet the age and load requirements for your particular car. If you're not sure, call the Chief of Tire Tech.
What is the difference between my car number and my grid number?
Your car number is the one you requested and is used to identify you for timing and scoring. Your grid number is a number we determine and it represents your starting order for the event. It is also the order we use to send you to the starting line from Lane's Truck Stop, where we meet at about 6:30 before the event.
What is the difference between Tech Speed and Target Speed?
Tech Speed represents the maximum speed you are permitted to go. This is determined by your safety equipment and classification. Target Speed is the speed which you are trying to average for the entire event.
What if I break down? Can I fix it and continue the event?
No, the extreme danger created by someone entering the road at slow speeds with other cars going over 100 mph is far too risky to allow.
Why do you recommend a scanner for our car?
You would be aware of changing road conditions, debris, rain, wind, or even a red flag situation sooner than if you only see a flag.
If I don't get my car inspected in Las Vegas on Thursday, what are the chances of finding specialized parts, racing gear, or tires in Ely, if I can't pass tech there on Saturday?
Not very good. There are parts stores and tire shops in Ely and they are always ready to help our participants out, but the things you may need are more likely to be found in Las Vegas. Bringing along a few spares, such as belts, hoses, brake pads or tires goes a long way, if only for peace of mind.
I heard you will not be able to event if you get a speeding ticket on Highway 318 within 90 days of the event.
That's true. It is part of Nevada's requirements for the permit and the highway patrol will notify the event officials. Also, remember we are guests in town, so save the squealing tires for the starting line.