FLAT OUT On a Public Highway

WHAT IF... It was a beautiful cool and crisp Sunday morning, and...
WHAT IF... You own a fast vehicle, and...
WHAT IF... you had 90 miles of deserted Nevada highway before you...

Well, if it was the third Sunday in May or September and you have entered one of the Silver State Classic Challenge’s Open Road Rally Events....you could go down that highway as fast as you want to go...legally!


Twice each year the Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc., a non-profit corporation, closes State Route #318 between Lund and Hiko, Nevada with permits issued by the State of Nevada, for the running of these unique automotive events. The journey traverses 90 miles of fenced, two lane highway with long straights, twisty sections and dips.

It is open to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and a roadworthy vehicle. Entrants receive a set of Course Notes and a Pre-Race DVD to help them prepare for the event. The cars are run in classes at five mile per hour increments, from 95 mph to 180 mph, with the class determined by the vehicles safety equipment, the drivers experience level and the driver/navigator comfort level. There is also an Unlimited Division for very experienced drivers, over 21 years of age, with full race-equipped cars. Vehicles are started at one minute intervals, beginning with the 150 mph class and working down to the 95 mph class. Once the last 95 mph class vehicle clears the course, the Unlimited Division and the higher speed brackets over 150 are run as the final group.

This is actually a four day event starting on the previous Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Practice and Qualifying at SPEEDVEGAS, south of the Las Vegas Strip at 14200 S Las Vegas Blvd. A high performance driving school is mandatory for first timers to the event, where they will complete practice laps on the road course after their cars pass technical inspection.

Also in Las Vegas on Thursday morning registration will be open along with technical inspection. At 11:30 there is a Press Conference/Luncheon open to all participants, crews, Ham Operators and course workers. After the Press Conference we will caravan to Ely, Nevada, about 240 miles north of Las Vegas with a pit stop in Ash Springs, Nevada for refueling and snacks. Once we all arrive in Ely, you are invited to a cocktail party.

For the driver that wants to test their cars at speed and perform final tuning and reliability checks before Sunday event, we offer the High Noon Shootout on both Friday and Saturday on fenced SR-490 in Ely, NV. The Friday event is the Half-Mile Shootout and on Saturday it is the One-Mile Shootout. All participants must pay an additional fee, be registered and pass final tech inspection prior to the events. Participants will be allowed as many runs as possible within the time allowed by the road closure permits.

Friday morning registration and tech inspection is again open for all participants. Early evening be in the parade of cars down the main street and give the young boys and girls of Ely a chance to ride in your car. Welcome Reception hosted by the Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc. awaits the participants and their crews that evening, immediately following the parade.

Saturday morning there is a pancake breakfast, car show, BBQ and final technical inspection. Saturday evening is the mandatory driver's meeting, and then it is early to bed because the event starts first thing Sunday morning to take advantage of the cool dense high desert air.

The main event, the open road event starts promptly at 8:00am on Sunday morning and competitors charge down State Route #318 in the Nevada desert looking for a little glory, a few bragging rights, or just a high speed Sunday drive. Everyone gets something different out of this most unique automotive event.

The grand finale takes place Sunday evening back in Las Vegas with the Awards Banquet which includes cocktails and dinner.

Reasonable entry fees put this event within reach of almost anyone with a vehicle who wants to go out and test the performance of their car once or twice each year. Usually there is a sprinkling of celebrities on hand for the weekend, including an occasional movie star or two. The event is well covered by the media having had shows aired on ESPN, GearZ TV, National Geographic, to name a few, as well as print media all over the world. Excellent sponsorship opportunities are available.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a real high speed auto rally event, here is your chance to find out!

Hope to see you soon at the Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada!

To participate in these events contact:
Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc.
Phone: (775) 289-6900
Fax: (775) 289-6911
E-Mail: sscc.us@gmail.com