Timing & Scoring

Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc. will provide all official timing and scoring at our events.


Our timing and scoring equipment consists of four Arbiter GPS Receiver/Clocks tied to four computers to supply extremely accurate Time-of-Day from the U.S. GPS Satellite Network. A fifth computer is used to provide totally independent, manually generated average speeds as a back up to the double redundant electronic system. A GPS synchronized atomic clock with large LED numbers will be on display at the starting line to signal the start of the event for each participant. Infrared beams will record car passage at the Finish Line on two additional independently operating computers. The GPS Time-of-Day is automatically updated from the GPS Receiver/Clocks each time a car starts or passes through the infrared beam.


As each car moves into starting position, the atomic clock will display current accurate GPS time. You will be signaled to start your stopwatches and begin your run at the top, or in some cases, the bottom of the next minute. When the clock reaches the top of the minute (:00), or the bottom (:30) of the minute, your start time will be recorded by the computer. At the Finish Line, the GPS Time-of-Day will be recorded by the breaking of the infrared beam by your vehicle. The precise location of the infrared emitters will be clearly marked by orange cones at the Finish Line. The start and finish times will be automatically computed to provide the elapsed time, average speed, and variance for each participant.


In the event the event has to be stopped, you are to stop immediately upon seeing a red flag. Disregard any other moving vehicles, and turn on the radio provided to you by SSCC. Do not move your car until you are instructed to move by SSCC Officials. Before the event is restarted, you will be directed by SSCC Officials to proceed to either Check Point #3 (SSCC) or Check Point #6 (NORC and SSCC). When all participants are in position at either Check Point #3 or Check Point #6, the event will be restarted in the order in which the participants arrived. It is imperative that no passing occurs between the Red Flag and when you are instructed to move to the next Check Point. Before you restart, your restart time (time-of-day) will be given to you by the SSCC Timing Official. You will be restarted at that precise time. Your average speed will be computed using only the legs you completed at event speed before the red flag was displayed.


It is our goal to provide accurate timing and results to all participants of SSCC events. However, should you feel an error has been made, the normal protest procedures for SSCC events also apply to disputes regarding timing and scoring. We will diligently investigate all protests which are properly filed on time, and report back to the SSCC Event Director in a timely manner.

For any questions surrounding SSCC event timing and scoring, please contact Dave Schueler at dave.schueler@gmail.com