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Racers will be able to register for the May 2020 race starting Feb 1, 2020 at 8am Pacific time.
Please select the events below that you wish to attend.

Please select the events below that you wish to attend.

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If all the numbers selected have been previously assigned or no choices are specified, a number will be assigned to you by SSCC. Select between 250 and 500. No numbers beginning with zero (0) or ending with (1/2) halves. Numbers are assigned on a first come basis. Lifetime member numbers are never used except by the life member. ALL Drivers and Navigators MUST have a current racing license to enter. Pre-printed numbers will be ordered for all entries paid in full 3 weeks prior to event.

Entry Fees & Details

Unlimited (180+ mph) **
Cost: $900
Super Sport Division (160-180 mph) **
Cost: $800
Grand Sport Division (130-155 mph) **
Cost: $770
Grand Touring Division (115-125 mph) **
Cost: $675
Touring Division (95-110 mph) **
Cost: $560
If entering within 14 days of event
Cost: $50
Navigator/Co-Driver Participation Fee **
Cost: $175
Driver/Navigator-Co-Driver will switch at the TURN AROUND at the South end of the course (NORC only)
Yes   No
Hand Timer (Please see page 9 of the Rule Book)
Yes   No
Driving School Instruction
Cost: $207
Half-Mile Shootout - Friday/Saturday Event ** Speed Certificate Included
Cost: $200
One Mile Shootout - Friday/Saturday Event ** Speed Certificate Included
Cost: $200
Deduct $50 if participating in a Shootout Event and Hwy 318 Event
Cost: -$50
Deduct $25 if you participated in a Team Challenge at the last event
Cost: -$25
Award Banquet Additional Tickets - Non Refundable
"Drivers Fee" and "Navigators Participation Fee" each include one ticket to the banquet.
Cost: $50/each
NORC (May)
SSCC (Sept)
T-Shirts - No Exchanges
Driver and navigator each receive one t-shirt.
NORC (May)
SSCC (Sept)

Additional Fees

Racing License - $50/each
Non Refundable
Speed Certificate - $30/each

NORC (May)

SSCC (Sept)


Grand Total $.00


Cancellations prior to Thirty (30) days before the Event will forfeit $150 of the fees paid. Entries canceled between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) days before the Event will forfeit 50% of fees paid. Entries canceled less than fifteen (15) days prior to the Event will receive no refund. Event no-shows forfeit all fees. By signing the entry application, and thereby entering the Event, you are certifying your understanding and acceptance of these terms.
SSCC will make every effort to insure the Event will be started and completed in a timely manner. There may be occasions where Acts of God or Governmental Intervention may prevent the start and/or completion of the Event. If such an occasion were to arise, SSCC cannot issue refunds or rain checks.
Alternatively, you can also print the SSCC entry form, complete it, enclose your payment, and mail it to:

1139 E. Aultman Suite C
Ely, NV 89301
Phone (775) 289-6900
Fax (775) 289-6911
Make your check or money order out to: SSCC, Inc.