Graffiti Along The Course

The following pictures clearly demonstrate actions which MUST not happen. As far as NDOT is concerned this constitutes vandalism and it WILL jeopardize the SSCC’s ability to secure a permit to operate the event. This race operates within a set of permits and if the SSCC cannot abide by its permitted commitments then NDOT is well within its authority to refuse to issue a permit allowing the event to take place. NDOT is charged with the maintenance of the highways among other things. Graffiti and vandalism are things that should not be tolerated. Everyone who participates in our events must recognize their behavior reflects not only on everyone else who participates, but also, importantly on our ability to continue to secure permitting to operate the event. It would truly be a sad consequence of a few misguided or perhaps overly enthusiastic or mis intentioned participants to act in a manner to cause the SSCC to lose its permit and thereby no longer be able to put on this event. A lot of people volunteer a lot of time to keep this event going. This event has survived many adverse events, but the SSCC has always been very sensitive in maintaining good relationships with NDOT. Please refrain from any actions which mark or deface public signage. This a serious request and anyone who is identified as being involved with this type of activity should be aware the SSCC board will be forced to act. We are all here to have a good time. Let us conduct ourselves in a responsible manner.

Thank you,

The Board